I’m just a middle-aged guy who worked in IT and lost his job due to off-shoring. May as well start a new life in a new country…..

and learn to play the banjo


One Response to “About”

  1. Skaidrite Leja said

    Edgar, I’m involved in creating a memorial video for the St. Andrew’s congregation commemorating our 60 years in the church at Carlton and Jarvis. Your father was a very active member of the church community for many years and I wondered if we could get your permission to use some of the photographs you have posted in your blog? I’m writing on behalf of the videographer, so I’m not sure which ones specifically he had in mind, but I could find out if it was important.
    It was interesting to read your blog, as our parents were of an age and shared many of the same historic experiences. I particularly liked your description of your father’s childhood. I imagine my parents had many of the same experiences, and even grew up in the same part of Latvia.
    I’ll look forward to hearing from you with regards to using your pictures.
    Ar sveicieniem,
    Skaidrite Leja

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